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Types of Rides
Pleasure Rides (PR)

There are Group Pleasure Rides - small local rides with only one class and no vetting procedure.

There are also Pleasure Ride classes at an Endurance Competition where many other classes are also taking place on the same day. These are known as National PRs. At a National PR the horses will need to be presented to the vet before & after the ride for a very simple vetting procedure. PRs range from about 16km up to 32km & riders should aim to complete at a speed between 8 & 12kph. Horses must be 4 years old minimum. Anyone can enter either type of PR but a discount in entry fee is given to Associate & Full Members.

Competitive Endurance Rides (CER) are our highest level of competition. The horses compete against each other for placings, rather than Grades. CERs start at 80km to a maximum of 160km. Riders and horses must have gone through the EGB qualifications system (Novice, Open and Advanced) & must have reached Advanced level before they are allowed to attempt a CER. All horses must be 7 years or older.
Graded Endurance Rides (GER) are competitive rides which start at 32km and require horses to be at least 6 years old. All horses are assessed by a vet before & after the ride. A combination can ride on their own or in groups of up to four, with staggered start times. A horse must travel at between 8 & 15kph. A Grade is awarded at the end, based on overall speed and heart rate taken 30 minutes after it has finished, provided the horse has passed the veterinary inspection for lameness, dehydration and lesions. Grade One is given for optimum speed and low heart rate, down to Grade Four for slower horses with higher heart rate. In order to take part in a GER the rider must be a Full Member of EGB, riding a horse registered with EGB. The only exception to this is if somebody has entered as a Temporary Day Member under the ‘try before you buy’ scheme.
Entry fees for different types of rides are outlined on the main EGB website:
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