Endurance GB South West - Pony Club Endurance
Endurance is about travelling over many different types of terrain, at various speeds, around a marked course. It requires a combination of horsemanship, tactics & good riding skills in order to navigate the course within optimal times. You have to ensure that the horse is in tip-top condition at the end of the ride to avoid penalties. Good horsemanship and ability to work out the logistics will allow you to present your horse in great shape at the finish, having completed the course at the best possible speed. Your result will then be calculated on a combination of distance, speed & penalty points.
Pony Club members can qualify for their PC Endurance certificates and badges at Endurance GB rides.

Qualification for the Pony Club Endurance Championships Milton Keynes on Sunday 16th of October 2016 (Ride Organiser - Mrs Nikki Parsler) can be gained at any Endurance GB ride.  Details of qualifications can be obtained from Kelly Wright, Endurance Secretary, Pony Club HQ  (kelly@pcuk.org).  Endurance GB South West organises rides of the relevant distances.  All PC Branch Secretaries should be able to supply the PC mastercard - or contact Kelly Wright.

Not only is Endurance a fun & exhilarating sport, it can include all the family. On rides of longer distances the family become ‘crew’. This involves meeting the horse & rider at pre-arranged points around the course to offer food & water. Endurance will teach young riders about horse & rider fitness, correct feeding and horse care, map reading, calculating speeds & much more!
No specific tack or equipment is required at this level of competition & any type of horse or pony can be competitive. The routes are marked by dayglo tape & flags with stewards at various points. Vets & Doctors are always in attendance.
Endurance GB South West organises many Pleasure & Competive rides throughout Devon & Cornwall together with Training & Social events.  Any Pony Club with an interest in Endurance will be offered a free coaching event for its members to help you get involved.  Please contact SW Committee member Di Rundle (brimboyte@btinternet.com)
Photo Selina Burger
Photo Helen Newton
Photo Alexis Carlyon
Photo Sanne Rietveld
All registered Pony Club members can ride at EGB events for the same rate as members - just put PONY CLUB at the top of your entry form with your Branch and membership number.