Boconnoc Bowl 81km CER

won by Carina Kane on Evermore Artistic

2nd Linda Barnes on Khatanga

3rd Emily Nott on Firebird

4th Gill Plumbley on Mirjana

Phoenix Field Arabians Deer Park Challenge 41+41km 2 day GER PF

won by Judy Holloway on Nuraletta

2nd Vicky Mosey on Latek

3rd Rachael Claridge on Silver Zenif

4th Sue Speed on Silver Tariba

5th Lynn Harvey on Beth's Choice
CKane2017BBowl JHolloway2017 VMosey2017
LBarnes2017 ENott2017 GPlumbley2017
LHarvey2017 RClaridge2017 SSpeed2017
Inter Regional Team Championships Result

Region Points Total

North West 186
South West 175
South East 159
Wessex 124
Mid South 117
Cromwell 113
Cotswolds 97
Heart of England 69

80km CER (Across all the CER including YR & Veterans, out of 10 IR combinations)
6th - Lesley Nott & Firebird (14.69kph)
7th - Annie Joppe & Dilmun (14.47kph)

65km GER PF (Out of 12 IR Combinations)

5th - Jo Chisholm & Roe Atheer (28.19)
7th - Safron Bishop & Trylands Froley (26.62)

40/40km 2 Day GER PF (Out of 10 Combinations)
3rd - Tanya Southworth & AC Latifa Amirah (38.37)
4th - Nickt Sherry & Jemeela Johara (38.01)

40km Open/ Advance GER PF (Out of 7 Combinations)
2nd - Freya Gallichan & Cotswolds Amirah (44.20)

40km Novice Horse GER PF (Out of 8 Combinations)
6th - Abby Chisholm & Mellway Royalblue Diamond (35.90)

32km Novice Horse & Rider GER PF (Out of 7 Combinations)
3rd - Natalie Tindall & Darees (31.75)

32km Novice Horse GER PF (Out of 7 Combinations)
6th - Kirsty Wiscombe & Yawl Hill Big Yin (26.88)

A big well done to all combinations involved and also our Wildcards Sarah Bishop & Rachael Claridge.
RED DRAGON 2017 results
Ginney Gidley 4th in Red Dragon & Leading Rider Award.

Carina Kane 2nd in Little Dragon.

Lesley Nott 3rd in Little Dragon.

Gill Plumbley 4th in Little Dragon & Leading Rider Award.

Saffron Bishop 8th in Little Dragon & Best Young Rider in Advanced Championship

Linda Barnes finished in Little Dragon (result to follow).

Sue Speed 1st in Golden Dragon.

Nicky Sherry Grade 1 in Dragons Egg.

Letitia Pickles Grade 3 in Dragons Egg.

Jo Chisholm finished 80km.

Abby Chisholm Grade 4 in 42km.

Tanya Southwood Grade 3 in 42km.
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