Endurance GB South West Group - Mission Statement 2017

We, the elected members of the EGB South West Branch committee aim to support the members of EGB who live in Devon and Cornwall and to raise the profile of
Endurance Riding as a sport.

Strategic Plan for 2017

The South West Branch Committee will operate according to the EGB constitution for Regional Groups.

The Committee will endeavour to provide, for the members and potential members of EGB:-
· safe and enjoyable Rides, at a variety of levels
· suitable training for many aspects of Endurance Riding
· informative and fund-raising social events
· high standard equipment necessary for all activities

In addition:-

Ride Organisers and helpers will be supported

Information will be freely available to members via the South West website
(endurancegbsouthwest.com) and through the quarterly Newsletter

Fund raising events will help to finance these and other specific activities

Members will be encouraged to represent the South West in team competitions at local and National level.

The Committee will communicate openly and transparently with members through the website and newsletter.

Minutes of each Committee Meeting will be available on request, and sent to EGB Office at Abbey Park.

A financial report will be produced for all Committee Meetings and an Annual Report given at the
Annual Groups Meeting in December/January with balance sheets being sent to the Financial Director of EGB quarterly and at the end of the EGB financial year.

The Annual Prize Giving and Awards Dinner will be held in November.

The Committee will actively encourage new members and aim to increase SW membership.

The growing group of Associate members will be encouraged and supported.

Endurance GB South West Group - Operating Plan 2017

The EGB South West Branch Committee will endeavour to organise and/or support:

Up to 7 Pleasure Rides across Devon and Cornwall (to raise funds for SW members’ activities).

Up to 6 Competitive Rides (with Pleasure Ride Classes) in the South West.

Training and Social Events will be held, both ridden and unmounted.

Ride Organiser and Technical Steward Training to be provided (in conjunction with EGB)

Health & Safety consideration at Rides to be paramount. (H & S Advisor/ Safeguarding Officer)
First Aid Training to be provided if possible.

A regular newsletter will be provided (free) to the members

Minutes of SW Committee meetings will be taken and an accurate account available on request to members. (May be Included in the Newsletter)

A website is available to further communicate with the members.

We will try to get a team of riders to participate in the Inter-Regional Championships.

A team will be formed to compete for the Celtic Challenge, when possible.

Quarterly financial reports will be prepared and submitted to Accounts Dept Endurance GB - there will also be a financial report available at each SW Committee
Meeting. End of financial year for EGB is end of December.

Committee meetings will be held every 6 to 8 weeks in a variety of locations and are open to all members.

SW Ride Organisers and Representatives from the Committee will attend the Southern Volunteers Conference held in February by Endurance GB.

Representatives from the Committee will attend the Groups’  Conference in October organised by Endurance GB.

Trophies and rosettes will be awarded to deserving members at the Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner.

Recruit and retain members by active PR including attendance at exhibitions (Westpoint  Equine Fair).

Recruit Associate Members and encourage upgrading to full membership.

Talks and demonstrations for the purpose of informing the wider audience about the sport of endurance.
Endurance GB South West Branch Mission Statement and Operating Plan