If your horse can successfully travel a mile in 10 minutes and you are capable of riding for over 2 hours and ride at least 3 times a week including some cantering, you and your horse should be able to manage 32kms (20 miles).
Types of Membership
Anyone can take part in an EGB pleasure ride but there are restrictions on what type of ride & distance non members can ride.

If you want to try out Endurance Riding to see if it would suit you & your horse there are several options available.
There are different TYPES of RIDES to suit all riders and horses, whatever their ability and aspirations:
Pleasuse Rides, Graded Rides and Competitive Endurance Rides
Read more about what to expect at Your First Ride
Advice from Life Coach Dee Wilkinson
UKCC level 3
Endurance coach
Rachael Claridge
"I particularly choose endurance Pleasure Rides as opposed to other organised ‘fun rides’ because their atmosphere is great, you see some lovely countryside and everyone is very friendly and helpful.  Best of all is that other riders taking part are always polite, asking us if it is ok before they go past and not just simply cantering up from behind and past regardless making us all jump and feel unsafe!  I feel this simple act is very important at this type of event.

Perhaps not at the highest levels but we are proof that it is not just arabs and thoroughbreds that can take part and have fun on Endurance GB organised events  I ride my 17.2hh Clydesdale X Wilson and am accompanied by a friend on my wife’s 13.2hh Welsh C mare Rosie.  You will not forget if you had seen us at any of these events as we make quite an unusual pair!

Looking forward to more Pleasure Rides in 2016."

Stuart Carter
Jo Claridge,

EGB SW Chairman:
tel 01208 821328

Vicky Mosey,

EGB SW Vice Chairman:
tel   01626 773696
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