EnduranceTack4Sale from BARBARA BULLION

who has retired from endurance

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   All items open to offers and no obligation to buy.
Black Leather G.P Saddle medium 17 ½”  Good condition £75.00

Black Wintec Cair Saddle 17 ½ with adjustable gullet system excellent condition (cost £400) accept £150.00

Black Thorogood medium Endurance Saddle 17 ½”    Good Condition £75.00

Starter saddle for 11.2 - 12.2hhs (shabby) with leathers and stirrups £10.00

2 Black leather bridles new condition full size.  £75.00

Handmade show bridle in black leather  to fit 11.2 - 12.2hhs  used twice £35.00

Black leather bridle with snaffle bit
to fit 11.2 - 12.2hhs used £10.00

Handmade Black leather bridle with brass buckles to fit 14.2 - 15hhs excellent condition £50.00

Havana leather bridle to fit 15hhs used twice £35.00

Portable shower runs from a car battery ideal for washing down horse at check point/halfway or finish of a ride - it uses less water than sloshing!  In case £15.00

New lunging Cavesson to fit 14.2 Plus  £16.00

Double Diamond Halter & Co Ltd excellent training halter makes life easy £15.00

1 pair of Westropp Brushing boots and 1 pair Westropp fetlock boots used twice cost £45.00 accept £20.00 for the two sets.

1 Pair of Woofware wrap around magnetic boots hardly used £10.00

Leather show lead rein with brass buckle £7.00

A set of 4 Leg bandages New in case £10.00

Various coloured  webbing Exmoor combination bridles to fit full size horse  £18.00 each. All in excellent condition some cheaper ones too.
Yellow and black webbing Exmoor combination bridle with snaffle bit to fit 11.2 - 12.2 hhs pony £16.00

3 cooler rugs to fit 15 - 15.2hhs £8,.00 each

6’3” Stable rug excellent condition £10.00

American Reinsman Horse Curb gag bit copper and cold iron  8” cheek 5” mouth (cost 77 dollars) £20.00

Snaffle bits 6” £8.00

Pelham bits with curb chain. 6”  £8.00

Thorowgood synthetic stirrup leather excellent condition £6.00

Aerborn Humane girth 33”  £5.00

Various girths from 40”  upwards will be reasonably priced.

Numnahs full size and pony size in various colours and makes, Aerborn,  Weatherbeeta, Cottage Craft all very inexpensive telephone please for information.