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EGBSW 2017 Pleasure Ride entry form in WORD;
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Vicky Queen, Ride Organiser

Gary Bartlett, Ride Secretary:

The Mews,
Haytor, Devon
TQ13 9RA

email: victoriaequeen@gmail.com

Tel 01364 661176
This is the second year of the Haytor ride which will depart from Narracombe farm, Green lane, Haytor, with kind thanks to Ed and Julie Williams. There will be a 16km circular route heading over the moor to Hound Tor, then to Bonehill and along Saddle Tor and past the front of Haytor. The ride has some beautiful views and great spots for a canter. For th first time this year there will be a 32km route also, this is a 16km extension on the current 16km route, this additional loop will take you along from Hound Tor on the bridleway by Jay's grave, over to Hambledown and you will follow the ancient path along the ridge of this high spot of the moor. You will eventually drop down in to Widecombe for a short lane section and then climb the track by Honeybag Tor to re join the initial 16km route at Bonehill.

Be aware these routes are on Dartmoor so do not be surprised to see the wild ponies, cows, and sheep. In addition the terrain can be stoney in places and there are some significant hills on the 32km route, but the views are worth it!

We are keen to encourage young riders but please note all under 16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult on a horse for the duration of the ride. No children or adults on lead reins are accepted. If you or the child need to retire from the ride you must do so together and alert officials immediately. All under 16 year olds please complete the Young riders form, without this form completed you cannot ride. Please also make sure your riding hats meet the new required standards.

Farlap photography will be on route.

At the venue will be a delicious Farmhouse Fayre burger van, with local yummy food and drinks. 
Entries to be made to:



Junior Riders (8-13)

(must be accompanied by riding adult who
paid the appropriate fee)

Young Riders (14-21)

Full and Associate Members
Class 1: 28km - £20

Class 2: 16km - £15
Class 1: 28km - £16

Class 2: 16km - £12.00
Class 1: 28km - £18

Class 2: 16km - £13.50
Temporary Day Member Rate

(members' rate + £8 surcharge)
Class 1: 28km - £28

Class 2: 16km - £23
Class 1: 28km - £24.00

Class 2: 16km - £20.00
Class 1: 28km - £26.00

Class 2: 16km - £21.50
Entries to open mid-Feb 2017
PDF version here