Colquite Estate Ride

SUNDAY 7 May 2017
Ride details and location:

The ride is around Colquite Estate near Washaway in Cornwall, to include a basic route of 32km (20 miles) with classes from 16km to 64km. Using part of the Colquite PR route, the ride is through forestry and on tracks, some of which may be hard. No water at venue.

Estimated % of tarmac: 5%

£2 Forestry permit to be paid with each entry.

No crewing in longer vehicles. Crewing at designated areas only.

1. 64km GER
2. 40km GER
3. 40km Novice GER
4. 32km GER
5. 32km Novice GER
6. 32km PR
7. 16km PR

Entries limited to 100
Online details and Entries:

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Entries Secretary:
Vicki Ham,
Sunset Linkinhorne,
Callington, Cornwall PL17 7LY
tel 01579  363 006
Entries open:
Friday 10 March 2017

Entries close:
Monday 24 April 2017

Last Online entries allowed

Jan Kane
9 Boddinick Park
St Tudy, Cornwall PL30 3NZ
Tel: Jan 01208 852101 (Work)  Mob: 07789 547851